Pop culture is an integral part of human interaction, and with the advent of Web3, it has found a new medium for expression in art, entertainment and gaming.

None of us know what the future has in store, but what we do know is that the influence of blockchain within pop culture is limitless. The $BUNNY token was created in order to help create tomorrow's opportunities, owned and built on top of by the community. A decentralized token supporting community-driven ideas and initiatives that further bring pop culture into the Multiverse.
The total supply of $BUNNY will be no more and no less than 1 billion tokens.

Following the standard practice, part of the tokens allocated to contributors to the project will be locked for a set period of time. Locked tokens will gradually unlock over a period of 24 months, according to the schedule listed below, starting after minting completion.

$BUNNY will have five main allocations as outlined:
Listing Liquidity12%
Listing Liquidity12%
IOIOM + Charity10%
IOIOM + Charity10%
8%Fucking Team
8%Fucking Team
60%COMMUNITY/ECOSYSTEMFucking Bunnies NFT holders and treasury
WL tokens airdrop to Fucking Bunnies holdersTokens are unlocked and can be claimed when minting is complete500,000,000 tokens for stakingTokens will be distributed via staking to Fucking Bunnies NFTs holders as per RoadmapReserveTokens will be stored in a treasury for community activations, giveaways and perks
12%LISTING LIQUIDITYToken listing on DEX and CEX
10,000,000 tokens liquidity for Jungle DEXThis will be the first listing setting trade price for the $BUNNY token30,000,000 tokens liquidity for MultiversX DEXThis will create extra liquidity and onboard new people in the ecosystemCEX listings and ReserveThis will attract more people from outside the MultiversX community
10%LAUNCHPADAllocation for Launchpad listing
Public Sale to onboard non-NFT holders to $BUNNYDate and time for Public Sale TBDAirdrop/Marketing activityToken airdrop for Launchpad users and Fucking Bunnies activation
10%IOIOM + CHARITYThe incubator behind Fucking BunniesIOIOM will be using part of its holdings for 'DoGood' Missions
100,000,000 tokens to IOIOM for 'DoGood' Missions4,166,666.66 tokens unlocked per month for 24 months and distributed between IOIOM and X Foundation
8%FUCKING TEAMThe Dream Team behind Fucking Bunnies who made this a reality
80,000,000 tokens to the founders of Fucking Bunnies3,333,333.33 tokens unlocked per month for 24 months